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The Soul Calibur LJ Community
Day 29 - Your thoughts on guest characters 
29th-Nov-2012 11:29 am
November 30 Day Soul Calibur Meme
Day 29 - Your thoughts on guest characters

I mostly don't mind the guest characters. I think they're fun and sort of random and an interesting addition. The only one that annoys me is Link, because back in the day there was a ridiculous amount of fanfic for him and I was just like, you don't even go here.

But at the same time, if it weren't for Link, I would never have found out about the Soul Calibur series! He is what made a bunch of Gamecube-owning friends of my brother interested in the game, and those friends made my brother interested in the game, and he bought it even though I was convinced I would HATE the game. ... I was wrong. :)

So yeah, that's pretty much it as far as my thoughts about guest characters go -- some are forgettable and some are overhyped, but I think Link was pretty key in expanding SC's fanbase a lot, at least from my point of view, so well-chosen guest characters can be a very effective marketing scheme.


How about you? Who has been your favorite guest character and who has been your least favorite? Who would you like to be a guest character in your dream SC game? Or would you rather they stop the whole guest character thing altogether?

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ff - tidus
1st-Dec-2012 10:30 pm (UTC)
I don't really mind guest characters, but I'd prefer they stick to ones that at least kinda fit in somewhat. Ezio was a great choice, and Kratos wasn't too bad I guess(though I never played Broken Destiny so I don't really know), but the Star Wars ones were really out of place.

Surprisingly, my favorite guest character to play as was Spawn in SC2. Unlike Heihachi who was broken out the wazoo(read: stupidly overpowered) and Link who was broken out the wazoo in the other way(read: hilariously godawful), Spawn actually played pretty well. Too bad he was also out of place, but really none of the SC2 guests fit in as well as I'd like. Aesthetically, Ezio is by far my favorite of the guest characters.

My least favorite guests aesthetically have been the Star Wars ones and Angol Fear. My least favorites to play as were Link and Yoda, both of which were laughably bad to play as in their respective games.

I really don't know who I'd like as a guest character. Most of the ones I can think of either completely don't fit or are ridiculously obscure.
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