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soulcalibur's Journal

The Soul Calibur LJ Community
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About Mods
This community is for fans of Namco's Soul Calibur/Edge/Blade series. Feel free to post moveslists, news, strategies, pictures, fanfiction, graphics, rants, lists, information -- anything, as long as it's about Soul Calibur.

Maintainer: chacusha

If you'd like to help mod the community let me know! PM me if you have any comments, suggestions, issues, inquiries, etc.

Rules Links
01. Please respect others' opinions and level of skill, and refrain from flaming.
02. If your post has spoilers, give warnings!
03. Please title your posts. It helps when browsing through the archive.
04. If posting large or multiple pictures, spoiler material, fanfiction, or anything deemed too large for the community's dimensions, please use lj-cut tags. If any of the material is adult in nature, lj-cut tags must be used. No exceptions.
05. Have fun!

Official Soul Calibur page
Soulcalibur Wiki

Soul Archive (Japanese)
Fighters Generation
Namco USA
Namco Wonder Page (Japanese)

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